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Kelinci Hutan ([personal profile] kelincihutan) wrote2013-12-25 02:26 pm

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Bridge

I am writing this on the plane to visit my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. Hooray for modern technology.

Yay! More Centipede. These episodes are always the best.

Why is the big, scary prison dude intimidated by the little one?

This guy had better be super important to Centipede, for him to be such a jerk to the people rescuing him.

I really hope May doesn't turn out to be Skye's mom. That's way too much of a coincidence.

Yay! May and Ward are getting closer!

I love how happy Simmons is about Centipede's progress.

No, I'm pretty sure that if he's gone that bad, he's an ex-marine.

Is that Marc Blucas? No, it isn't.

Yeah, you keep shooting for that record, Peterson. Though it would be cool to see Cap on the show.

"While I have you in a good mood..." Coulson is auditioning for the Too Snarky To Snark Club, I see.

Peterson is awfully overly-earnest here. It's weird.

Coulson is doing everything he can to make this as awkward as possible.

I love how Skye is the only one talking about bygones and bridges with water under them.

Evil though he may be, Hayward was pretty cute.

Heh, Simmons macking on Peterson is fantastic.

Well, if Ward/Simmons won't happen, Peterson/Simmons is an acceptable substitute.

Poor Coulson missing his cellist. (As an aside, I would love to learn cello. Not because of Coulson. Just generally.)

The Avengers thought Coulson was dead? Do they not still think he's dead? Is he unclassified now? He did seem to think it'd be okay for him to introduce people to Thor, which would kind of give the game away so...?

May is gonna be Skye's mom, isn't she? It doesn't make sense for her to be this pissed otherwise.

Rayina also doubles as exposition fairy, I see.

Ah, so the lottery story was borderline unbelievable on purpose. Interesting.

The honeycomb room gets more make-overs... Do the set people just not like the rest of the plane?

Oh, they're putting Peterson in the field?

I think Simmons is even more attracted to the suit than she was Peterson.

I hate to say it, but Skye's right. They need more back-up.

Coulson taking a stance is just...funny there. Exactly what does he think he can do versus a shipping container? Granted, Fury once tried to shoot down a fighter plane with a hand-gun so maybe using situationally-inappropriate levels of force is part of SHIELD training?

Nice fight scene, though.

Oh. Eyeball people. Centipdede is eyeball people? Does Peterson have an eyeball thing? They did check that Peterson doesn't have one, right? Didn't they? ...Didn't they?

She's really fawning about this Clairvoyant person. How...cultish.

Okay, Ward is just as cold as May then. They totally deserve each other.

Why did Coulson ever think recruiting May for this was a good idea?

This conversation between Coulson and Peterson is supposed to be sweet, I know, but it's just...boring. They could maybe have shortened it some. A lot.

See, now this phone call bit is creepy and cool. Put the kid in danger and suddenly the ep gets neat.

The eponymous "bridge," I think.

Oh, Coulson is the target. Damn it, he really is going to turn out to be a robot, isn't he? How stupidly predictable.

Shoulda brought back-up to start off with, shouldn't you.

Did they give Ace an eyeball thing?

Who just died? Did anybody die? Ah, they're in the helicopter.

That's not simple. Everybody wants him to talk about that and he hasn't yet.

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