Kelinci Hutan
28 October 2013 @ 03:45 pm
I'm kind of tired of...well, a lot of things, but one thing in particular. I'm tired of people thinking good stories are all always happiness and good stuff. More than a few people I've told about a plot idea have gotten this horrified look and said, "But you seem so nice! That's a really dark plot! How could you want to write something like that?"

Two reasons.

One: I'm capable of separating fantasy from reality. Wanting to torture my characters in fiction, even if it involves actual torture, is not the same thing as wanting to torture a human being in reality. And I can tell the difference between them. Apparently not everyone can.

Two: Stories with nothing bad happening are boring. If everything always goes right for everyone and nobody struggles, or the only struggles they face are day-to-day ones ("O NOES! I must get this presentation to work but I can't flag down a taxi!"), your story is boring. You can't just write about everything being easy all the time.

So, yes. I write about kidnappings and genocides and murders and political intrigues and betrayal. Not because those things are good things, but because they make for interesting stories. Writing about those things is not an endorsement of them, nor does it make me a bad person.

Duh. Geez. Things you should not need to say out loud...
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Kelinci Hutan
06 June 2013 @ 09:53 am
Dear Every British Person Ever Writing Fanfiction,

Americans do not say "fortnight." Ever. We just don't. The vast majority of us don't even know what that means let alone say it. Ever. We don't say it under any circumstances. We just don't say it.

"Two weeks." That's what we say. We say two weeks. If something happened two weeks ago, we say "two weeks ago." If something happens two weeks from now, we say "two weeks from now." If something happened over the course of the last two weeks, we say "over the last two weeks."

Americans. Never. Say. Fortnight.

Kelinci Hutan
09 November 2011 @ 04:27 pm

At the time of this writing, Auburn is outscoring them! Go us!
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15 May 2011 @ 08:46 am
I keep starting fics lately and then stopping halfway through. Which, I suppose, I've always done, but it's annoying me more than it has before. I wish I had more inspiration to write than I have. And the things I do finish, I'm never really satisfied with. They all just feel like words on a page that no one could ever possibly like.

Ugh. Hopefully, it's just a phase.

I hope everyone has a good Sunday.
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Kelinci Hutan
30 October 2010 @ 11:03 pm
I have finished the major editing on my Narnia fic, and only have grammar and spelling checks to do. Maybe a few minor things, just to make sure everything is smooth and flows nicely, but all the big stuff is done. I'm planning to begin posting it tomorrow. I will still need to think of a title, unfortunately, but...I'm sure I'll figure something out.

But, this fic is huge! I thought that it would be long, It's nearly 40K words long! I thought I'd never post a multi-chapter story, and yet here I have one all set to post it! *shock*

I'm excited though. Yay, fanfic! LOL.

Also, War Eagle!
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Kelinci Hutan
28 October 2010 @ 05:28 pm
I ran into writer's block after I finished my Narnia fic, which I think finally broke today and I can get back to editing. And that's cool.

But what's really got me pumped for NaNoWriMo is that I finally "heard the click" on the story that I've been planning to write. Yesterday I half decided to go for my back-up story instead, but today it just came to me. I can see the characters now. I can hear their voices. I know what they're going to do and be like and how their background will work. I am so excited.
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Kelinci Hutan
21 October 2010 @ 01:18 pm
Yay! I'm almost done with my NaNo prep fic. This will be the longest fic I've ever posted, and I'm quite excited to finally get such a large piece done and out to everyone. Of course, editing a story this long is a pain, and I suspect it will be at least tomorrow or the next day before I feel ready to do a final read through for typos, spelling errors, missing words, and other minor fixes.

Of course, it may be that everyone hates it when I do post it finally, but this is also good information to know. Until then, I'm still excited. :)
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Kelinci Hutan
10 March 2009 @ 10:53 pm
I have no idea why it seems important to me to post this, but I feel that I want to and so here we are.

I just added another bookmark into my Bible, which brings the total number of bookmarks I have in it up to four. Each one of them is a bit fun, I think, and I get a bit of satisfaction from having added a new one. I am organized and on top of things and able to quickly access the parts of my Bible that I will soon be returning to in the future.

Yay! (If you don't take joy in the little things, then you'll be waiting around forever to find things to take joy in, I feel. :)

Except that with my desire to get back on writing the Numbers book, I realized that there are instances where a bookmark will help you not at all. Like with the Numbers story. Because to get the information I will need, I'll be flipping around hither, thither, and yon in the book. And while a bookmark gets you to a certain point quickly, it also commits you to that spot. "Hitherto shalt thou come, and no other," says the bookmark. So I would be constantly moving it around, unable to decide where the bookmark should best be placed. The first of the pages I'd need? The current one? The most middle? The most frequently required? I suppose I could use a bookmark that covered several pages together. And a paperclip would probably be the most effective way to do that, but I can't put a paperclip in a Bible! That seems so tacky in my head.

I found a scenario in which a bookmark is completely unhelpful. Who could have imagined such a thing?
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Kelinci Hutan
As a last update on the when-will-it-be-done question, the book is done. I wrote the words "The End" on December 3. The trouble is, now over half the people who claimed to want to read it when it was finished have not made it very easy for me to let them do so. Why is that? I do not know.

But the book is in the hands of...four other people now, and I hope that they like it at least a little. *crosses fingers*

Now, on to Gus. Who is Gus, you ask? Colonel Gus (long story) is my cat. And he is weird because he is not a carnivore.

No, really. I have a non-carnivorous cat. He'll eat dry catfood, mac & cheese, popcorn, and dry ramen noodles (Indo-Mie? I love Indo-Mie!). He will not eat turkey, hot dogs, beef, or chicken. He'll smell them, and then kind of back off and look at me with this hurt expression on his face. As if I am mortally injuring him by eating something that he does not really want to bum off me.

A cat that eats no meat. Go figure. At least I won't have to worry about him hiding dead mice around the place.
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Kelinci Hutan
26 November 2008 @ 07:10 pm
Well, I did it. 50,000 words and counting. Go me!

How cool am I? Very, very cool. That's how cool I am.

The trouble now, though, is that I have to finish my story, which is going to take a little more time than I had thought. Oops.
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Kelinci Hutan
22 November 2008 @ 12:24 pm
More NaNo related glurge. There's a website at which enables you to make "word clouds" out of a block of text. I pasted-in my NaNo novel, fiddled with the picture some, and here is the result.

I think it's pretty neat. :)
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Kelinci Hutan
21 November 2008 @ 09:46 pm
I just got to 39K+. I had meant to be at 40K before bed tonight, but I went to the midnight showing of Twilight last night and then spent about a half-an-hour typing with my head resting on my shoulder, only half-awake. The upside is that I'm pretty sure that all of what I wrote still hangs together with the rest of the plot, and makes a relatively reliable and decent degree of sense. Yay.

On the subject of Twilight, I have these things to say. Edward's hair is crap (why?). Robert Pattinson either got some awful directing or is an actor to rival Zoey Deschanel in terms of flat delivery. The soundtrack for this movie is horrible. Jasper doesn't look like that. Neither does Emmett. Or Edward. Or Bella. The other characters were pretty spot-on, though. Carlisle was perfect.

Overall, not an awful movie, but not a spectacular one, either. It had some very good moments, and I did enjoy it, but it could have been much better than it was. *le sigh*

Now, this next thing is a useful writing tool that I am beginning to think stands in for what a metronome does for musicians. When a musician needs something to force them to stay on the beat, a metronome can be set and will click off (or hammer off, in the case of a Dr. Beat met) the tempo reliably, giving the musician no excuse for misplacing a beat or miscounting. This application forces you to simply keep writing by punishing you for stopping. I haven't played with the "Kamikaze" setting yet, and probably never will, but "Normal" is bad enough. I have a love-hate relationship with it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Write Or Die.

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Kelinci Hutan
20 November 2008 @ 12:31 pm
I survived week two and am now into week three! Whoo-hoo! Even better, I have now discovered how my book will end. It's going to take a while for me to write all of it, but it's getting there.

Also, here's a fun little widget that keeps track of not only your word count, but those of up to four other people, whose user id numbers are entered. So with one tiny url, you can follow up to five separate word counts. Whoo-hoo!

Everyone on this list is someone I know IRL, so we do keep up with each other in other ways, but it is a fun demo (yes, I am beating everyone in terms of word count, but I'm more surprised than anyone, I promise).
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Kelinci Hutan
07 November 2008 @ 05:54 pm
I'm now at just over thirteen thousand words, which officially makes this the longest piece of fiction I have ever written in my life. And that's pretty fun.

But this is the part that everyone warns about. This is where they say things get much harder. This is the uphill bit. This is Week Two.

Dun, dun, dun!

In any case, I can already see what's happening. It's not that my prose suddenly seems unreadable, or the story has become less interesting, or my characters are all razzing me about what I'm doing with them, but I'm starting to think things like, "Well, I don't really need to write tonight. I've got a little bit of a cushion." Or, "Maybe I'll just do the bare minimum tonight, instead of trying to hit my goal."

But if I do that, even a little bit, I just know I'll never come back to this. And I really want to finish this story. I've promised too many people that I'll let them read it to ever show my face in public if I don't. So, I'm going to keep on keeping on. But it's starting to be a lot less fun.
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