Kelinci Hutan
07 October 2013 @ 08:27 am
Obviously President Stompy-Foot was not going to let the fact that the GOP finally grew a pair stand unchallenged. So, in a fit of pique, he has decided to make the shutdown far more unpleasant than actually necessary. So far we have seen governance by temper-tantrum that would put most two-year-olds to the blush.

  • The Battle Of The Barrycades
    Location: National Mall, Washington D.C.
    Read about it here and here.

    After storming the beaches of Normandy, fighting actual Nazis, and generally being awesome, World War II veterans returned home, worked hard, kicked back in retirement, and waited fifty-nine years before the US finally built a memorial for their work on the National Mall. However, because the federal government is shut down, open air memorials (as in, it's just sitting out there on the Mall with no fences or enclosures or anything) like this one have been barricaded. So far, the vets have been undeterred (probably because after fighting actual Nazis, nothing in the world seems that scary anymore), and--aided and abetted by Republican legislators--have armed themselves to storm the Mall with wire-cutters.

  • The Closure Of The Ocean
    Location: United States coastline - all of it
    Read about it here.

    The National Park Service has actually been directed to prevent people from accessing the ocean. As in, no boats or swimmers allowed on open water. The sheer ridiculousness of this particular stunt pretty much is its own joke, so I'll make no further comments on this one.

  • The Hiding Of Mount Rushmore
    Location: Black Hills, South Dakota
    Read about it here.

    To be clear, I can understand closing down the Rushmore park. If the government is shut down, there's no park minions to man it, or anybody to pick up the trash that the rude tourists drop on the ground. So, that part makes sense. The bit where this becomes a temper-tantrum is where cones have been set up on overlooks on the roads outside the park to try and prevent anybody from even looking at the mountain.


  • The Amber Alert Website Goes Dark
    Location: the internet
    Read about it here and here.

    In a move that actually surprises me more than I thought it would, the Obama admin has closed the Amber Alert website. Unlike the previous examples, which might not have come directly from the administration (though I'd be surprised if they didn't), the Amber Alert system is purely a product of the executive branch, which brings the responsibility for this one to rest squarely in the Oval Office. And this is most certainly the most damning of all the tantrums.

    To be clear, the Amber Alert system is still operational. But the website isn't there for nothing. Quoting from a set of tweets in this article, "Now as you know, the website being down doesn't mean that the Amber Alert isn't still in place, but it does take away an important function. The Amber Alert website is connected to a lot of agencies and people are on it daily to help find missing children. With the site being down, they're ridding us a very vital source of information that could be helpful to people searching for missing kids. Perhaps there is a missing child out there right now and a person believes that they spotted them. They go to the site & it's down...", on the other hand, is still totally operational. Because FLOTUS' pet projects are more important than abducted children, apparently.

So, basically, Obama is taking steps to make the shutdown worse than it should be. Even if you blame the GOP for the shutdown itself, you can't possibly excuse this behavior.

Thanks, Obama!
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