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28 October 2013 @ 03:45 pm
I'm kind of tired of...well, a lot of things, but one thing in particular. I'm tired of people thinking good stories are all always happiness and good stuff. More than a few people I've told about a plot idea have gotten this horrified look and said, "But you seem so nice! That's a really dark plot! How could you want to write something like that?"

Two reasons.

One: I'm capable of separating fantasy from reality. Wanting to torture my characters in fiction, even if it involves actual torture, is not the same thing as wanting to torture a human being in reality. And I can tell the difference between them. Apparently not everyone can.

Two: Stories with nothing bad happening are boring. If everything always goes right for everyone and nobody struggles, or the only struggles they face are day-to-day ones ("O NOES! I must get this presentation to work but I can't flag down a taxi!"), your story is boring. You can't just write about everything being easy all the time.

So, yes. I write about kidnappings and genocides and murders and political intrigues and betrayal. Not because those things are good things, but because they make for interesting stories. Writing about those things is not an endorsement of them, nor does it make me a bad person.

Duh. Geez. Things you should not need to say out loud...
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Kelinci Hutan
06 April 2010 @ 10:16 pm house caught fire this morning.

No, my house actually caught on actual fire this morning. Which I am saying because it's terribly dramatic and you almost never get to say that. For the full story...

My mom is coming back from Indonesia today, so I wanted to wash her sheets and comforter (which is really just the polite thing anyway), so I had finished with her comforter and had just thrown her sheets into the dryer and turned it on. I went to go stick some dishes in the dishwasher, and as I had just finished loading that, I started hearing some weird noises from the front of the house.

I go to investigate. When I enter the laundry room, I find flames (of about three inches tall at the tallest, but still) on the ironing board and a towel and sweatshirt that were on it, and the fuse box smoking. I since they were still little flames, I patted out the sweatshirt, the towel, and the ironing board and peeled open the fuse box. And then heard crackling inside the wall.


It was at this point I decided that the fire department should get involved, so I put on some real clothes in under five seconds (since this happened at about 8 AM, and I was still in PJs), I called 911 and they sent some fire trucks.

The good news? We lost a towel and need to repaint the wall. And that's it. The house is still standing, my cat is alive, and now I know what I would save in a fire. My Bible and my scarf project.
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Kelinci Hutan
The Ultra, Mega, Condensed, Cliff Notes Version is as follows:

1. Lolita joins GAFF at some point in the past.
2. Lolita makes up ALF and posts "her" stories to GAFF. Lulz are had.
3. Guru announces GAFF is going away and Lolita sees the end of the lolcow, so she creates the House of Bad Fanfiction, and the GAFFers move in.
4. The Housemates spend some time mocking ALF some more, helped along by TheDogLady and JasonFontaine. TDL and Jason are both Lolita's sockpuppets. Eventually, though, that drama is spent. Even when TDL "dies" (according to Lolita), it doesn't really revive.
5. Enter Dan Lirette. He apparently is a real person, and just as bad as we've been saying, but in him Lolita sees the potential for more dramaz.
6. Lolita starts feeding Dan Lirette info about SA. She also feeds SA info about Dan Lirette. This pisses off "the goons," who begin digging into her. IP numbers and so forth. Apparently trolling SA is SRS BSNS.
7. Around this time Lolita floats a rumor that JasonFontaine is Dan Lirette in real life. The Suspension of Disbelief for most Housemates does not go that far given that this would mean Lirette knows ALF and family IRL and had been marking this website since long before he'd even been on our radar. Many, many people (myself not among them) begin to ask Lolita how she knows all this stuff and why she's always ready with a story to answer all the questions.
8. Theweirdkind's account is stolen by Lolita around the same time as #7. Someone sees two people in the chatbox discussing how best to troll us using her account and posts this to Miscellaneous (now "The Lounge"). Theweirdkind's account is returned. When theweirdkind checks her message inbox, a whole slew of PMs about how to troll The House are discovered. Even more questions ensue.
9. Lolita disappears due to "family business" and leaves her account information with Verandering. Someone called JackNapier shows up and basically says what I just did in 1-8, only he took about a day to do it. According to JackNapier, SA blackmailed her into trolling for them. Also, an ED article on Lolita is revealed and is set to be featured in just a few days.
10. Verandering does some reading, decides all this is sufficiently solid to believe and that odds are Lolita is what JackNapier says. He uses Lolita's account to take over, closes registration to prevent an invasion of trolls, and does some cosmetic work on the forums.
11. June 10, Lolita takes over Verandering's account and begins to change things again. Shisaiga gets wise to her gag from another forum, created by Nihilist and starts PMing people. Then those people start PMing people and everything goes bananas.
12. The chatbox is deleted. InkWeaver and Zeiss Manifold begin bringing as many people as they can over to the new forums. Then forums begin to be locked for admin-only access. People start flooding to Nihilist's forum.
13. All the regular forums go down and "The Notice Board" goes up. Kittenmommy informs everyone that they are all horrible people for believing bad things about Lolita. She is ignored and nobody comes to play with her.
14. June 11. Kittenmommy opens up one forum for posting, where the majority of ex-Housemates say, "Just let us save our snarks." The rest of the boards are opened for the duration of about one hour.
15. Epic copypasta.
16. The board goes down. In all probability forever.

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