There's been a lot of stuff going around about "I believe in Agent May" on Tumblr. And the thing is, I like Agent May. But when you get right down to it, I don't believe in her. I wouldn't be surprised if she's not on the team's side so much as SHIELD's. Because that would explain a lot of things about her behavior. Why she's hesitated to really gel with the team, why she's acted in ways that hinder team bonding rather than help. What she has against Skye. A lot of things would make more sense if she were an agency mole.

Still not understanding why Extremis didn't grow Peterson's leg back, but I'm gonna roll with it to find out what the heck is going on with May.

Antoine Triplett is still the worst name ever.

Bad name or not, I really hope he survives the Deathlok encounter.

So Centipede isn't willing to kill Peterson at the first sign of trouble. They've apparently invested enough in him to want him around a bit. That bodes well for his future.

Oh great. Agent Bitch.

Oh. Wow. This is every upper-level agent we've seen in the series. ...Cool.

Brad Dourif? Seriously? WHOO-HOO!!!

Coulson should really, really tell FitzSimmons about the alien torture chamber. Really.

Yeah, I admit it. I ship Skye with Fitz and Simmons. OT3 forever. :)

Yay! Skye got a badge! Hooray! That's so awesome!

Hand has to be all "you're at the bottom of the totem pole" and try to spoil the moment. Agent. Bitch.

"Some things are meant to be." And that little exchange has me worried about Ward now. He'd better survive the ep.

Is that one of Loki's cuffs? It looks Asgardian.

For all hype over Extremis fixing injuries, it is sucking the big one at fixing any of Peterson's, good grief.

Agent Sitwell helped SHIELD send Ward and Fitz into an ambush without back-up. It's pretty rich for him to whine about that now.

Garrett is...very straightforward. I kinda like him.

"Strange is such a subjective term." Hahahaha. Fitz.

"You wear your heart on your sleeve. And your face." Okay, Coulson, I know what you meant. But that has a really bad visual.

Ward and Triplett ended up randomly assigned to each other? Yeah. So random. Skye did it on purpose. She may as well admit it. She's not fooling anybody.

Macon, Georgia?!? They think there's a global terroist in Macon? Nothing that interesting ever happens in Macon.

Oh my gosh, poor Coulson. Paired up with Garrett. Ulch.

One wasn't Dourif, another was a woman. I'm thinking May has the real Clairvoyant. I suppose it would make sense if he were comatose. The vast amount of security on him is more logical if he can't move around.

Poor Blake! I kinda like him!

Maybe the cuffs are Stark tech? Herm...

Yay, Blake's not dead!

Hand gets more and more annoying every second.

Fitz would stay on the plane without Simmons? Oh. Simmons isn't talking about being a permanent fixture at the Hub. Okay.

Canada has a SHIELD-type program?

Yay Blake! Way to go with the tag-round!

I love how excited these guys are to just go in, guns blazing.

Centipede did some interesting stuff to Peterson. Poor guy.

Why is Coulson going down there alone? Worst. Idea. Ever. Wait for freaking back-up! That's the point of having a team!

Thank goodness for Agent Garrett.

We have found the Clairvoyant. Interesting.

This is a really...interesting voice acting segment from the Clairvoyant.

Punch him in the face, Coulson! He's a horrible little man.

A creepy horrible little man, though. Skye has a thing he wants?

Ward shot him? Like with a real bullet? Not a tagging round? That's...intense.

Uh...can he stay on the team after that? Yikes.

The Tri-Scalene? SHIELD sucks at names. (After watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier I saw the name of this place on the screen and realized it is spelled "Triskelion." Which is actually a fairly decent name, and that has got to be a first.)

Ward! I am legit sad right now.

Of course, killing the Clairvoyant takes him out of the game, but that means that now SHIELD will have a clear shot at Skye. Whatever it is they want with her.

Fitz's gonna find May's bug, isn't he?

Oh. Darn. I didn't even think that Nash might be a prop.

Is SHIELD the Clairvoyant? It is. Interesting. So Centipede is a SHIELD thing?

Of course, this brings up a new problem. Why the hell did SHIELD assign Coulson's team to investigate stuff it wanted kept secret?!? That is horrendously counterproductive!

...Unless not all of SHIELD is in on the Centipede gag. If it's a faction of people within SHIELD, but not the agency as a whole, then maybe Fury wanted Coulson to figure all this stuff out. And wouldn't have been able to tell him outright what was going on in case someone on Coulson's team was also in on it. This would also explain a lot.

...And now Fitz is in trouble. Okay, he's got away. GO TELL COULSON EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW, FITZ!!!

But now May knows they're on to her. Crap. This episode just got really tense.


Oh great. A Mexican stand-off amongst a lot of characters I like.

*bites nails down to the nubs*

Did someone just take control of the plane? Of course. Agent Bitch. I feel so vindicated in hating her now.

And now Fury is running from the cops? What? Politics on this show get weirder every week.

Okay. That was disappointing. They take an episode this awesome and then blow the tag to run a trailer? Really? Lame, Marvel. Lame, lame, lame. Winter Soldier has been trailered to death. They could've given us thirty seconds of May and Ward having a stare-down across the honeycomb room. I want my tag back!
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