12 March 2014 @ 04:09 pm
First off, I'd just like to say, damn you Tumblr for the casting spoilers on this ep.

Also, I really hope Skye has, maybe, a line or so in this ep. Even "ow" would be okay.

Why didn't Phil tell everyone else about the alien being tortured in SHIELD's scret basement?

This poor newlywed dude. I really feel for him.

Wow. Lorelai has...a long slit up the side of that dress.

This guy's beard isn't nearly long enough to be a real biker.

I knew he was headed for a bad end. Poor newlywed guy.

Skye's awake! Hooray! She's moving! Double hooray!

It's a good thing I already kinda ship Skye and Simmons, 'cause that was really a sweet scene.

Ward is being sweet, too. Everyone's just so sweet. Hooray!

"No need to do that now." I love how Ward implies that he will be busting Skye's chops about going in there alone later, when she is less half-dead.

"I don't want to depend on some miracle drug to save me." Good attitude, Skye.

I think Coulson's keeping the alien torture chamber a secret because he's trying to protect everyone from having to hate SHIELD for what SHIELD is doing. Which is kind of contradictory, given that he now knows SHIELD is actively evil.

"Wanna go to a movie? Hold hands?" Hee! Snarky!Coulson is the best Coulson.

Fury only finds you if he wants to? So is Coulson going to trash the plane again?

So, no more "magical place," then?

SHIELD picked the hotshot team that just defied direct orders to interact with the maybe-allies-maybe-hostile alien invader? ...I'm very curious to know what specific criteria constitute their decision-making paradigm.

Really, really close.

Yay! Sif! Sif! Sif!

I love that Asgard was nice enough to send someone after their crazy escaped convict really fast this time. Though the general Asgardian attitude towards Earth is starting to be pretty disturbing. Thor is a jerk? Send him to Earth! Loki wants to conquer some planet? Hey, Earth sounds great. Malekith wants to take over the universe? Earth makes a great platform for that! Lorelai wants to go on a rampage? Rampage on Earth! It's like they think Earth is a good place for bad things to happen. That's...not a good sign.

Sif rode in a car? That must've been weird for her.

I really don't ship Coulson and May. Like, at all. Period. Ever.

I love this re-intro of Coulson and Sif. I'm not sure they ever really interacted during Thor, but I don't care. I love that they're all friendly now.

So...all men are vulnerable to her then? Yep, I'm sensing an all-estrogen response team gearing up soon.

Heh. Fitz and Ward being all "Weakness? What weakness?" is great.

Franklin was never president!

Oh, wow. She made him kill his own wife? Geez, this show got really dark since the last couple eps.

And, once again, if Asgard is so advanced, why is Sif using a sword?!? Swords are not more efficient or more humane than guns. They cause massive trauma that it sometimes takes hours or more to die from. Asgard's decision-making paradigm is as inscrutable as SHIELD's.

"Philip, Son of Coul" is officially the best name Coulson has ever been given. I love it and everyone should call him that, all the time.

ICERs is a worse name than "Night-Night." SHIELD sucks at naming things. Also, Incapacitating, Cartridge-Emitting...what? "Rounds" doesn't make sense, and I can't think of a word for "gun" that starts with an R, so...?

"If I need a gun, I'll take one. I'm taking this. You're welcome."

Did that guy just shoot Coulson? Geez, he never has a good day when interacting with Asgardians, does he? Odin should give him some kind of medal for putting up with all this crap.

Waitaminnit. Odin is currently...wherever-it-is-Loki-stashed-him and Loki is ruling Asgard in secret. So Loki is the one who authorized Sif to come to Earth and stop Lorelai. ...That's weird.

Didn't shoot Coulson, then. Yay!

Her shield just took a direct hit and isn't even discolored! Sif has the coolest gear.

"Literal interpretation." She's an alien. She doesn't do idioms.

Whoo-hoo! Go Sif!

"Rooster? Really?" Thank goodness somebody said it. That is a dumb nickname.

Ack! She can't have Ward!

Why is Sif in the honeycomb room? Because she's less likely to punch through the walls?

He just handed Fitz a piece of alien technology and said to fix it? What? This is like when Simmons assumed that the Chitauri was immune to that virus rather than just being incompatible with it.

Coulson really needs to tell the team about the alien SHIELD was (is?) torturing.

He took her to Vegas? That's...so disappointing.

"But I don't want them." Wow, she sounded like a five-year-old just there.

Oh, really? Sex while he's under coercion? That's just...so horrible. This show is suddenly so damn dark!

I really love that Sif and May are bonding.

"Steal yourself to do what might be necessary." Yeah, Asgardian diction is just too cool for words. (Well, I suppose it's not, considering that it is words, but still...)

It sounded like all those cops were women. Good call.

Did Lorelai take over the plane... She did? Hahahaha! That's great. I mean, it's terrible, but it's great.

Yikes. These guys really do pack a wallop.

No! Sif!

Why is Coulson annoyed? Simmons was doing exactly the right thing there.

I couldn't accept May standing on the roof of a moving train. Sif, I do buy hanging on to the roof of a moving plane. As Coulson said, she's Asgardian.

Does Sif have a tattoo?

Yeesh, beat the crap out of 'im, May!

Okay, May's going to trash the plane again.

Flying boat? Hee!

So...Loki wants this chick alive for something, then. I wonder what for?

Coulson and Sif are suddenly my favorite BFFs ever. It's just lovely to see them interact like this.

That's...not a complete explanation. The source is not alien, the source is an alien. Like a specific one. An actual person...thing.

Wow. Coulson just got super intense there.

Damn it. I actually liked May. A lot. That is just...so incredibly disappointing.

And I'm very disappointed that there was no all-estrogen response team during this ep.
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