08 March 2014 @ 10:06 am
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: T.A.H.I.T.I.  
I really just can't get over how cool the Marvel thing running before the episode is. Every single time I see it, I think, "This is so cool!" ...Yes, I am a dork.

Also, I'm glad the show is back again. I really want more information on what happened to Phil. And Skye had better be fine.

Coulson! Hug Simmons! Good grief.

As much as May is right that they should blame Quinn, Skye is also at fault here. Rushing in with no backup was a boneheaded move at best.

Huh. May does love her after all. I finally buy that she cares about Skye.

Oh. That's...quite a plan there, Coulson.

Coulson's going to use Quinn to leverage a cure for Skye, isn't he? He's going to tell SHIELD that if they don't save Skye, he won't let them have Quinn to interrogate.

Oh. Fury must be nuclear-level pissed. Pissed like I don't think we've seen before from him. In fact, for all his reputation, the only time he's been visibly angry was when he was mad at Coulson for wrecking the Bus back in Argentina.

Antoine Triplett? That's...quite a name. Surely his parents didn't hate him that much. That's got to be an alias. Or a SHIELD-issue name.

Oh, I love the tension between Garrett and Coulson.

Ward's been to Bandung? Now that's a story I'd like to hear. It's an interesting city. (I lived there for six months. It really is very interesting.)

"You wouldn't believe what I could talk this son of a gun into." With that look at Ward? What you are hearing is the sound of a million slash fanfics being banged out at once.

So Quinn is only quasi-Centipede, then? He was leveraged somehow?

I have a theory about who the Clairvoyant is. I think he's the gravity guy in "The Asset." He says that line about how he's "seen the future," and it's just interesting. Granted, Red Skull said a similar line once, but I seriously doubt that this show can afford Hugo Weaving. (It would be super-cool, though.)

Finally someone brought up the whole if-someone-is-actually-dead-you-should-probably-let-them-stay-that-way issue. ...And it looks like Coulson has given it some thought, too. Okay, good. Ethics are firmly in place.

"Cellular regeneration." Okay, so that officially nukes the LMD theory. Yay!

FitzSimmons being badass nerds over all these memos is really nifty.

Director Fury is Level 10? Huh. I wouldn't think they'd bother to give the agency director a level.

They're leaving May on the same plane with Quinn? I'm sensing surprise intestinal surgery in his future.

The guys in the GuestHouse are very casual about defending it. Coulson's team is very casual about their assault. This is going to be the most laid-back confrontation ever. I bet they'll be conversational as they shoot at each other.

Well, that guy just gave away his position.

Ward has a very hourglass silhouette.

Did that guy mean a timer on the self-destruct? Or is there some timer in Coulson?

Yes, definitely touch the stuff with the biohazard symbol on it. That's the best idea ever.

Now is a bad time for this, Coulson!

After all that twaddle about "exacting sciences," and their detonator is just shooting the explosive?

Wait, what's wrong with the drug? Why does Coulson look even more terrified all of a sudden?

That was an odd exchange. What was Garrett up to with that little verbal dance?

Oh my gosh. Is that thing alive? That's... If it is, SHIELD isn't just corrupt, they're full-on evil. I did not see that coming.

Crap, it has to be alive to keep producing the drug. That's horrifying. No wonder Fury was trying to keep this under wraps.

In fact, the more I think on this, the worse it gets. That's a Y-incision on that thing's chest, so SHIELD dissected this thing at some point. This creature is alive, so dissected should really be vivisected. And since the drug this thing produces promotes or enables cellular regeneration, it's possible that the injuries it has aren't actually fatal. If SHIELD weren't stealing this enzyme/drug away from it, this creature might actually be able to heal on its own. This is a nightmareish reveal. Geez, Fury, I think I actively hate you now.

I'm sensing a bad end for this poor newlywed. And Lorelai is definitely not an Asgardian name.
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