04 February 2014 @ 08:56 pm
I am so ready for AOS to be back.

Ha. Now that Quinn has done something identifiably bad, suddenly he's all over the monitors.

"Cybertek" with a K?

Italy just let SHIELD take over? They're wanting to pull a double jeopardy on Amanda Knox right now, so I find that unlikely. Politics on this show continue to be strange.

May and Ward are pretending to be a couple? Simmons is Coulson's daughter? Hee!

Is Ward complaining that the team finally gelled as a unit? Seriously? That's not to be complained about. Throw a freaking party!

Skye's Scottish is worse than mine, and mine is awful.

Honestly, it's not that important they be from the same country, though.

Oh my gosh, Simmons, stop!

Is Stan Lee pretending to be Hefner or something?

Is that dust some kind of tag?

May's just hanging out on the roof of a high-speed train? Yeah, this is my skeptical face about that.

That's a gorgeous scenery shot there.

Oh wow, Coulson is trying very hard not to smack Simmons.

The music was pretty cool just there. I'd like to, once again, voice my love for Bear McCreary.

Was that one of the Svartalfar gravity grenade things? It looked like one. How would Earth bad guys have gotten those?

Finally Ward manages to actually hit the damn girl. Normally I'd say that's a bad thing, but when she's trying to kill you...

"Don't come out until I get you." That'll be trouble with you two having fallen off the train and all.

Okay, disappearing train. That's...weird.

"I can't deal with Asgard today." How many days do you deal with Asgard, generally, though? For someone who's secretly alive, Phil keeps talking like it isn't much of a secret.

People have guns in the country and may shoot you for trying to steal their truck. ...Though perhaps this is less likely in Italy.

I think the Italian LEO is in on the gag here. Something about him does not seem on the up-and-up.

I love that Ward can't work the Stark holoGUI.

"It's never happened on the Bus, sir." TMI, Ward. Nobody cares where you two are having sex.

Coulson always delivers the best threats.

...So May thinks he's in on the gag, too, then.

May has wedges on her boots? Well, that's better than the heels she had. But she should really be in flats, costume people! She's at work.

What was up with Coulson's face just there?

Oh...so that's what the grenade did. Interesting.

I'm not liking the cut on this catsuit of May's. (Also, May is a badass, but she's usually a well-dressed badass. No, I don't care if this clashes with the above statement about her shoes.)

Okay, wow. That was seriously a painful escape.

That gauze isn't gonna just stick there. They should tape it down.

If Skye, Simmons, and Fitz are not okay, I will be very unhappy.

Well, points for energy there, Simmons, but minus at least ten for crappy aim. I think she even took one of those shots with her eyes closed.

Stop asking about 0-8-4s, Skye! You're gonna give yourself away. Keep digging, sure, but be at least a little sneaky about it.

Go Skye and Fitz! Seriously go Simmons! That was clumsy, but they overpowered the bad guy.

You shouldn't leave her at all.

Nail him into the box, guys! Or tape it or something. Make sure he's going to stay where you put him. Don't just leave him there asleep to pop out a few hours from now and potentially attack whatever rescue team comes for you.

You aren't letting him get away. Don't go in! You just activated the tracker. Call SHIELD and tell them to send a team! A really big team with helicopters and tanks. Don't go in by yourself!

Skye could stand to spend some time at the range, too.

Peterson's in the coffin? Poor guy.

Wait, what happened to him? And why isn't Extremis growing his limbs back? Extremis is supposed to grow limbs back. That's literally the whole reason it was invented.

That's a very Iron Man-esque prosthesis, though. Interesting.

Good, Quinn isn't entirely Centipede. They're just working together. Hooray! Multiple bad guys!

What? No! You can't kill Skye! I just started to like her!

Hang in there, Skye.

Oh, thank goodness the team is here.

I haven't been able to think of anything to say during the saving-Skye scene because I just really want them to succeed.

Okay, she's still alive. She looks a bit like Snow White in there, though.

Well, no, she shouldn't have gone in there alone. But, hopefully the consequences won't be permanent. (Hang on, Skye!)

Deathlok? I...have no idea who that is in the comics. If he's in the comics. And I am going to be good and not look him up so as not to spoil myself.
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