15 January 2014 @ 04:03 pm
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Seeds  
Okay, I was expecting them to get busted. The flash-freezing pool has honestly caught me off-guard.

SHIELD has a school for mutants?

Poor Coulson, all freaked out about being dead that once.

It's a device? Not mutants? Come on! Where are the rest of the superpowered people? Stop getting my hopes up and never delivering.

I love how Skye is so gleeful about seeing a SHIELD academy.

Of course Coulson isn't "all right," Skye! He was kidnapped and tortured. Even IRL soldiers and government agents are allowed to take a couple minutes to breathe after something like that.

That being said, I am liking Skye in this ep. I guess I am coming around on her. Huh.

First they name-drop SSR, then Bucky's on the wall. I'm smelling Captain America 2 hype here!

If hacking your way in is cheating, then Tony and Thor are even bigger cheaters than that, so...

Well, if I had my own death certificate, I'd read it about a million times, too. It's totally normal for Coulson to be a little freaked. Not that May would understand ordinary human emotions or anything. If this show is ever going to thaw her out, it's going about it really slowly.

Now May wants to track down Skye's parents? She was hella pissed at the very idea two episodes ago. What?

Don't worry hiding-in-Mexico-ex-SHIELD-agent guy. Social media gets everyone by surprise at some point or other.

Leopold Fitz? Ouch. What were his parents on?

They've got the swap-offs in this speech really well organized. I do not believe this is a speech they are giving on the fly. I bet there's a teleprompter (though, they're both Brits, so I suppose it would be an "autocue") at the back of the room.

And, once again, I am caught totally unawares by the sudden ice situation.

Oh, hey! Ian Quinn might finally get the chance to do something actually bad!

...I have just been watching the ep for a couple moments, rather than taking any notes. I'm really liking this one.

The Boiler Room looks remarkably like The Bronze.

And, of course, Fitz gets distracted from the conversation by the shiny schematic posters.

May must be worried that Coulson is planning to go rogue or something. This is a weird conversation. He's down, May, but I don't think he's quite that down.

...Yeah, still not buying that May legit cares about Skye.

Oh wow, May, that was the most graceless confession ever. Hahaha. And Coulson just blows past it and doesn't even care. Perfect!

And even that guy rolls his eyes at the flying car.

Wait, Skye is an 084? But she's so normal! What is it that she does? Beyond irritate me?

"Wherever she goes, death follows!" Okay, dude, Skye's annoying, but she's not that bad. Take a breath.

And this cadet is not the bad guy. She's totally a red herring.

Wow, Fitz is not being modest at all here. And now I kind of want him and Tony to hang out sometime. Once Fitz stopped stammering, it would probably be hilarious.

Wow, this cadet Ward's interviewing is prickly.

So now these two are BFFs? Wait, how did the instructor not know that? Surely she would've known that.

All right. Now, finally, Quinn is officially a bad guy. It took him long enough.

Won't flash-freezing a large area kill people? Like all the SHIELD agents tracking them, for example. I just don't get the impression either Seth or Donnie actually want that.

Whoa. Coulson's coming clean. Go Coulson!

Okay, so unless May is an alien princess or something, that probably rules her out as Skye's mom. So why was she so viscerally opposed to trying to find Skye's parents? That doesn't make sense.

Oh. I forgot about the effect all that ice suddenly showing up would have on the weather. Yeah, this could get really nasty, really fast.

Good call, Ward. That looks like tornado weather out there. I wouldn't go out in it, either.

Dropping the plane down the eye is their last-ditch, desperation plan? Why? Firstly, they already know getting to him by ground is out and secondly, they know the eye of the storm is going to be stationary. Using the plane was the obvious plan.

I notice they don't show them getting the injured kid on the ramp.

Well. I guess all that ice did kill somebody.

Heh. Coulson is loving that he can make May say this again.

Rawr. Just saying "Skye took this okay, actually." would be plenty. Tacking the Skye's-a-good-person-who-looks-for-good-in-others bow on things is totally unnecessary. Either you can tell the story, or you can't. Stop bashing the audience over the head.

So Donnie's an ice guy now? So, so far we have the gravity guy, Franklin Hall, who is stuck somewhere in a SHIELD bunker for the moment; the fire guy, Chan Ho Yin, who was presumably blown up although we never did see a body; and now Donnie, the ice guy. Yep, this is a nice set of potential future bad guys to play with. I like it.

Oh, don't make Quinn part of Centipede! It's totally okay to have more than one set of bad guys in the show. You've got a twenty-two episode season, just for season one! You can develop more than one villain and that is okay.
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