09 January 2014 @ 08:02 pm
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Magical Place  
That's not "premium grade" anything. It's just a plate this guy ganked off a dead alien's armor. It's even dented, for crying out loud!

Okay, why is Chitauri metal contraband? Does it do anything? Because "it's alien!" is not a good enough reason to restrict people from owning it anymore than "it's from the moon" prevents people from owning moon rocks.

Van Chat is a good shot there. He nearly had May.

Wow. This is a bit like the ending to Blues Brothers.

So the metal isn't illegal? They just want Van Chat's help?

Good grief, Hand is annoying. I just want to smack her.

Skye's plan is actually pretty good, there.

And...darn. I find that I actually don't want Skye kicked off the plane. She still annoys me, sure, but apparently I think she has potential to develop into a useful and interesting character. And I'd like to see that. When did that happen?

The team telling Skye to go rogue is so hilariously over-blown. I think they might actually be more subtle if they did big, exaggerated winks and elbowed her a few times.

What's with the mannequin?

Of course, Coulson would die before he tells the bad guys anything. He's been putting his life on the line for the good guys all the way back to Iron Man 1 when Stane nearly clobbered him. Him being willing to die before helping the bad guys is old hat at this point.

A cattle prod? Centipede are true traditionalists in their villainy. I like it.

Surely On*Star would know that a man owns that car.

Wait, so Chitauri metal is contraband after all. Why? This is like Ian Quinn (from "The Asset") being a bad guy. The reason is never stated. Everyone just acts like it's obvious. Well, it's not. Chitauri metal is just metal from space. So what? What's so scary about it? The fact that Centipede makes their stuff out of it isn't a good enough reason. You can hack people to bits with chainsaws, but those aren't illegal.

Well, you kind of were just begging for an escape attempt, leaving a mannequin in his room.

Ah. That explains all the dummies.

I love that Skye's petty revenge on May is to pretend to be her. Go Skye!

"Other subject?" Ah. Peterson didn't die, then.

And Raina's creepy, cult-like love for this Clairvoyant person just gets more creepy and cult-like.

May was helping Skye by getting her off the plane? Whatever. She just made that up so she didn't look so mean.

Crazy Ivan! That was totally a Crazy Ivan! Yay, Firefly!

Huh. Some of Skye's training finally sank in.

Who is questioning who in this scene? Coulson seems to be getting all the useful info, and in much greater volume.

Coulson surfs?

The team is going to get fired or have to pull an A-Team or something one of these days. There's only so much insanity Fury's going to let them get away with, and tricking Agent Hand like this is flirting with the line.

Whoo-hoo! Coulson's brain, at least, is his original, organic hardware! My he's-totally-not-a-robot theory is looking so much more solid. Yay! (Also, this is a fairly traumatizing thing to put someone through, but mostly yay.)

Peterson's alive and he has an Eyeball Thingy. Oh wow, I absolutely never would have seen this coming from ten thousand miles away or anything. Yeah, I'm completely not sitting here with no shock whatsoever on my face. For srs, u gaiz.
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