04 December 2013 @ 08:51 am
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Repairs  
This is late getting posted. Thanksgiving was happening. NaNoWriMo was happening (I won, by the way!), and then I went to Iron Bowl Saturday. And holy freaking crap, that was a heck of a football game. So I didn't have a lot of time to type up my notes.

Oh, yeouch. Tragedies in small towns are harsh. Everybody knows each other, and then people start picking sides... It just gets ugly really fast.

Hey, that's a Roxxon station. As in Roxxon Oil from Iron Man 3? Sweet.

...May really has too much in the way of boobs to be running around braless.

Wow. She is stone cold.

The Index Asset Evaluation and Intake. IAEI. Blech. Even the acronym is solid vowels.

I love that Coulson's reason for not letting Skye get involved is that the situation is delicate. He totally knows that she is just about the opposite of delicate.

"Warm" and "Fuzzy" are fantastic nicknames for May and Ward.

That was a really athletic jump from Coulson there.

If Simmons ever meets Jean Gray, she's going to be utterly shattered.

"The Fridge?" The Bus, the Slingshot, the Sandbox, the Hub... SHIELD really sucks at naming things. That's just bad.

I just really feel for Hutchins here. Though, it's kind of disappointing that her entire characterization in this episode is "cries and is scared the whole time." She's sympathetic, but she's kind of regular pathetic, too.

FitzSimmons trust SHIELD pretty blindly. I feel like this is laying the foundation for some harsh illusion shattering later on.

Tony is going to be so mad when he finds out that SHIELD stole his holographic GUI. He'll probably sic his lawyers on them.

It's not a delusion when something really is out to get you, Skye.

Ward's flinch on "get laid" is really weird.

Well, that guy is creepy and terrifying.

So the creepy guy travels like Nightcrawler. He even has the Nightcrawler style smoke poofs.

Coulson's secret communications panel is hidden behind his internal map of the secret plane? ...For a covert organization, SHIELD is really bad at actually hiding stuff.

Skye has horrendously bad theology. Everyone deserves punishment, generally speaking. As in, everyone is sinful. Not every bad thing, however, is a punishment, or corresponds to a specific event. Job suffered a lot of fantastically bad stuff and he wasn't being punished for anything.

Was Coulson May's superior when she did this stuff in the story he's telling? Or her peer?

I love that May is sneakier than the teleporty guy.

Wow. I ship Ward/Simmons just a little harder every episode.

"I don't mean to scare you. I just need to use you as bait," May said, thereby becoming terrifying to an absurd degree.

Coulson is really sad about losing that watch.

Fitz's defense for his mask/mop thing is too hilarious.

Oh, geez, and May has crappy theology, too. Who does she think she is, stating who God will or won't forgive?
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