21 November 2013 @ 05:29 pm
Simmons is doing a voice-over? I suppose it mirrors Odin's VOs from Thor I and Thor II... (Yes, the Thor movies do get Roman numerals whilst the Iron Man ones get Arabic numbers. Roll with it.)

Did Ward just flirt with Fitz on that monkey thing?

Hee! I love how mad Coulson is at this mess.

May is totally tempted by piloting the ship. I love it. I would be too. Though, it's worth pointing out that even Thor was crap at flying Svartalfheimr (I-really-hope-that's-how-you-make-that-possessive-why-is-Norse-so-hard) stuff.

...I don't think Thor is dreamy. Loki, on the other hand... *swoon*

Ooh, Scandiwegian park rangers!

"We should check that out." Good call, little forest ranger guy!

Huh. Ward morphed into a real character somewhere when I wasn't looking. This conversation he's having with Simmons is actually a really neat bit. I think I do like him. Was not expecting that one.

The traumatized park ranger is so funny.

I love apotheosis as a motive. It's so delightfully crazy.

Oh, don't obsess over Asgardian stuff! Loki's head is already big enough!

Thor is most definitely not off the grid. He's in freaking London, of all places. That's just about as On The Grid as you can get! Fury totally lied to Coulson. And when combined with SHIELD's orders to toss Simmons out of the plane, plus their ridiculous manipulations of last week? I'm starting to think Coulson should put Fury second on his People To Punch In The Face When Next I See Them list.

Dinner? He's dating a student? That he is actively teaching, no less? Creepy!

So, it sounds like the Berserkers were the Asgardian version of the Cursed elves. With slightly less death at the end, though, which is nice.

Why on earth would you write down where the Doomsday stick was hidden? The guy knew where the bits were, so he didn't need clues to find it, and he didn't want anyone else to know. Why on Earth would you write that down?!?

...This whole episode is just going to make Thor and Loki's heads enormous, I can tell.

"Gods of death and destruction." Alternatively, Loki's going to be mad that someone is stealing his act and invade again.

I...don't think the professor is evil.

Whoa. The crazy people move really fast.

Yeah, Coulson, I'd say that's your clue, all right.

Poor slightly-psycho Ward.

He wanted to be the guy to score the academic touchdown? That's why he went after the Crazy-Making Stick? That's the lamest motive ever.

Why is Ward wearing those blinky clips? They look really uncomfortable and serve no discernible purpose whatsoever.

Humans plus alien stuff is not always bad, Coulson! Jane does okay with it. And Tony actually made a breakthrough medical advance with his arc-reactor-powered-pace-maker thinggummy. Coulson just has a personal aversion to alien things, on account of one killing him that once. Which is understandable, for him, but he really needs to stop generalizing.

This whole report-my-emotional-imbalance thing is very responsible of Ward. Go Ward.

Wow. Coulson just sent the emotionally unstable guy to do the interview? Geez. He really does take aliens personally.


He's Asgardian? What? Why? How? ...That is so cool! (I totally did not see that coming at all. Also, "It's actually my stick, by the way." is a much better motive than academic touchdowns.)

He's awfully short for an Asgardian, though.

Ah, he's the Berserker. Okay. Nice. I like this. This is cool.

Hahaha. His answer on knowing Thor is great.

Obviously you didn't go to very great lengths to make sure the staff wasn't found considering you could've told your story without the treasure map bit. Easiest thing in the world to hide that one, no matter how interesting the French girl was. Geez Louise.

"They're idiots." Ward's starting to hate aliens as much as Coulson.

...Okay, that's not how I thought that scene in the well would go. Ward's brother was freaking evil. Wow.

Why do busted alien weapons always magically glue themselves back together?

You know, this Asgardian is really mellow. He's just...very calm about everything.

The Portland Philharmonic? Coulson still loves the cellist! Yay! (I have no idea who this cellist is, but I like her anyway.)

I like Skye and Ward better now than I used to. But I don't like them as a ship. At all.

Ooh! May/Ward, on the other hand, I can totally deal with. Not because I am terribly invested in shipping them (I'm really not), but because that nukes both Skye/Ward and May/Coulson in one fell swoop! Nice.

Well, that was a creepy dream. The creepy tags are the best ones. Also, I love that Coulson skipped the swanky hotel for his bunk on the plane.
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