14 November 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.: The Hub  

The new Marvel thing at the opening matches the new one in the films. Nice.

Now this is an interesting cold open.

That trick of May's there looks cool, but you can't actually do that. She's got no leverage to turn the wheel.

How are they not all blown backward from the jet exhaust?

This SHIELD agent they just extracted looks a bit like he could be Sean Bean's cousin.

This explanation about how need-to-know works is...really, really not very good. That's not a good explanation at all.

Sitwell? Hand? Who named these agents? Please tell me those aren't their real names.

Why does Agent Hand have a red streak in her hair? Surely that isn't in the SHIELD dress code.

And just last week he was exclaiming that he didn't even pass his field assessment. Poor thing.

Oh, he said her first name. He must be genuinely worried.

Britain just did their holiday with the red paper flowers. And now Jemma's wearing a red flower on her cardigan. Hat tip, maybe? (Research afterwards informs me this is for "Rememberance Day," which is similar--though not identical--to Memorial Day in the States.)

Poor Fitz. He and Ward are just...not people with much in common.

I kind of like these crazy people in the bar. They're totally nuts, sure, but they're fun anyway.

Oh, geez. It really is not this hard to explain need-to-know. At this point, either the writers don't understand it and they're really crap at being devil's advocate, or... Actually, I can't think of an "or."

And now Coulson finally catches on to his own "magical place" word echoes.

Skye looks a lot better in this episode. She's still annoying as all get-out, but she looks nice.

"A robot version of himself." Oh, they are really poking the fandom with that.

I love how Skye is just shouting her plan to break every SHIELD protocol ever in the middle of a room full of high-level SHIELD agents. How is she not arrested yet?

Go Fitz!

...That's a lot of rubbles.

You probably weren't disturbing her you until you started talking.

Now Coulson is wanting to tell Skye? Good grief, the writers really don't understand need-to-know, do they? Yeesh.

Why does Skye think she needs to repeat the plan for Simmons? Simmons is a trained SHIELD agent, for all she's not field-qualified. She knows how to remember a mission plan.

Simmons would be court-martialed, and Skye would go to freaking jail! This sideline is really, really dumb. And this episode looked so cool in the promos...

I love that Fitz is worried for his new friends.

This scene is going to have the slash shippers all tied into knots.

At least Skye can make a call for team over self, though. That's a bare minimum, but at least it's something.

And then they were in a sleeping bag together? Oh yeah. The shippers are going to go bananas.

Argh! Coulson, that was the worst pep talk ever! You do not get people to trust your intentions are good by constantly never telling them what they do need to know.

Hahaha. Fitz is so adorably confused with this window thing.

Fitz is not Barton or Natasha! This isn't how need-to-know works either. Yeah, these writers don't get it.

That was really sweet. Oh, the slash fics that are going to be written from this...

Heh. I do like Fitz's appropriately brief freak-out there.

Oh. The Bus can hover? That's new.

And now Hand is covering for them? Will someone explain to these writers how covert ops and agencies actually work?

Is May going to be Skye's mom? That would just be too...clean.

Nope. Not sold on this ep. Not even a bit. I want more Centipede. This ep was lame.
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