29 October 2013 @ 07:05 pm
Iron Man 3  
I was all set to do tonight's episode of SHIELD and then they reran the pilot! So...fine.

I remember thinking that this voice-over opening was pretty lame when I first saw this movie. I have changed my mind since. I love it now.

Also, "I'm Blue Da-Ba Dee?" Wow. I'm suddenly sixteen years old again.

There is a whole track on the soundtrack titled "Dr. Wu." For a guy that's onscreen for less than five seconds. I don't know enough about Marvel to know who he is, but you don't burn a whole track for a nobody. No way he doesn't come up later on.

Tony really was a horrible jerk. Granted, Killian goes crazy and kills lots of people, so I feel a lot less bad for him than I otherwise would have, but still. It's nice to have the character development contrast.

Don't worry, Maya. They'll make Extremis work eventually.

"It's not Y2K?" Actually, it is Y2K, Happy. Just, nothing exploded. The panic attacks leading up to that...

It looks really cold on that rooftop.

I really like the idea that Tony's whole R&D department is him, in a swanky basement, with a post-it on the door.

Is it just me, or is JARVIS getting more irritated with Tony for the whole Iron Man thing? I think he's still bitter about having to fly down the space worm.

I honestly don't see the appeal of vinyl. (Yes, I have a record player.) It's more trouble fiddling with those things than it's worth, and the sound quality is identical on an HD recording.

In response to someone threatening and attacking the US, President Ellis rebrands War Machine to be less aggressive sounding? He must be a Democrat.

Which one of the old suits is that? Is that the one that he ditched just before his talk with Loki?

You know, given the way this turns out, I quite like how ironic it is that Killian puts "immoral" in scare quotes when referring to biotech research.

This empty slot in the brain. It didn't occur to me before, but this could be a set-up for mutants later on, maybe.

Well, Pepper, you're not wrong. It is highly weaponizable.

I am still not sure if those are boobs or arms on that bunny. They're shaped like boobs, but patterned like arms. Also, it's Tony, and he's trying to be good but he's still Tony Stark. I'm very conflicted.

I don't know if Tony/Pepper is going to stay canon. But I think they're really good together.

I can't put my finger on exactly why, but people blowing up, at least the way they have it going in this movie, is really creepy. (It was less creepy on Stargate: Atlantis, but I think that was because they didn't follow their own rules on that one.)

I was really surprised to hear The Mandarin talking about how fortune cookies aren't Chinese as if people didn't know. Also, they don't really "sound Chinese" just because the word "fortune" is in the title.

This is another indication of character development in Tony, but it's subtle. In the first movie he didn't even know Pepper's birthday. By Avengers and this film, he's picking up on Coulson having a girlfriend and noticing what Happy's favorite show is. They don't make a big deal out of that, but it's a nice touch.

As much as Tony totally has good cause to kill the Mandarin, he can't just go kill the guy. That's actually murder, even if the Mandarin's a really awful person. If you're trying to apprehend him and something goes wrong and you have to kill him, that's one thing. But setting out with the intention of not taking him alive is not okay, barring some kind of war scenario, which Tony isn't in. Trials are kind of an important feature of the justice system. [insert Guantanamo Bay rant here]

I'm surprised there's only three helicopters out there.

"He's thirteen." Hahahahaha. I would totally do that to Tony, if I were her.

Just there, where Tony gets #42 to Pepper to save her from the explosion. That is the only time that it works correctly, exactly when he wants it to, exactly the way he wants it to. Which strikes me as kind of sweet.

I love that he kills a chopper with a piano.

This is a really bad way to start off your day.

It's also kind of sweet that JARVIS is the one who saves Tony there.

That deer there looked awfully caribouish for central Tennessee. Needs to be a plain ol' whitetail.

The way the suit is propped up against the outside of the phone box, like a broken doll. Oh my heart.

I love this kid. He's really fun.

The way Tony soars over the kid saying that his dad left may come off a bit cold, but he actually thinks it over before deciding to skip past it. Which makes me think that he did that not to be cold, but because he knows exactly what it's like to have an absentee dad and isn't stupid enough to think he can say anything to make it feel better. But he acknowledges it, which validates the experience. It's actually a pretty compassionate response.

I'm really impressed that this kid remembers all that stuff Tony rattled off a minute ago.

Kid's name is Harley. Must remember.

The helmet looks a bit like a skull. That's weird.

I really love this whole conversation between Pepper and Maya.

"That's manipulative." Hee!

You know, as much as Tony definitely should be trying to get someone else to help him with the anxiety disorder he's developing, he is otherwise being remarkably mature about it, what with openingly acknowledging it, clearly defining things he has trouble handling to others, and specifically stating when he's approaching those limits. Also, considering his retaliation to Harley is to throw a snowball at him, rather than get angry or harsh... Overall, he's actually dealing pretty well.

I keep seeing this woman as Martha Boseman from True Blood. But I can't quite make the True Blood world mesh with the MCU one in my head, like I can with Stargate or Foyle's War, so instead I just feel like there's this crossing of the fandom streams.

For all that it's a ten-second part that ends in a violent death, that sheriff is a really great character.

"That could be the name of my autobiography." Tony really is wonderfully self-aware.

I do not blame Harley for taking a stab at getting Tony to take him along. I'd try it too.

It's interesting that everyone has widescreen TVs, just to catch every pixel of the Mandarin's broadcast.

Making a phone call doesn't equate to allowing terrorists to dictate anything. No advisor would have told him not to make that call.

Rhodey's username is WarMachine68? Why 68? Was he born in 68?

Skye not only says "hack," she says "hacktivist." I really want her and Tony to meet just so Tony can be appalled at how bad a name she's giving geeks.

Why is the Tennessee pageant contestant British?

This guy is so creepy.

Ellen Brandt? Is she related to the senator? She does have that I-come-from-money-and-a-military-legacy vibe.

Warner Von Braun eventually did get into space research and was instrumental in helping NASA get started, by the way. In fact, in Huntsville, Alabama, the Von Braun Civic Center is named for him. Yes, the ethical implications of this are murky.

Tony in a hardware store is so weird.

What Tony interrupted there was just about the worst therapy session ever.

That look on Tony's face is just hilarious. But, for the record, I'm kind of disappointed The Mandarin is a fake. This was a seriously creepy set-up. The way he seems kind of empty while filming the videos. "I did that," sounding almost innocent for something so horrible. A clearly American terrorist working with terrorist groups out of the Middle East. Honestly, this pushes all the scary buttons that people in the US have right now, and then it all turns out to be a red herring. Could've been so cool...

Considering what an awful shot Tony is, it's a miracle he didn't just blow Slattery's head off.

"You got a minute to live; fill it with words." I love that line.

I half expected this "in a dungeon" argument to disintegrate into "Are not!" "Are too!" the first time I saw it.

I love how Killian just rolls those marbles out there and they manage to form an exactly equilateral triangle.

It's really heartwarming--in a deadly sort of way--that Tony gets genuinely angry when that guy smashes Harley's sister's watch.

Poor Rhodey. I wouldn't know what to say to someone breathing fire, either.

Tony really isn't timing this well.

I'm impressed he can fly even this well with one hand and one boot repulsor.

The way Tony picks his way down those stairs? I've felt like that in some of my stilletos.

Yeah, Rhodey, I'm right there with you on the disappointment.

I know Tony's a superhero and all, but how the hell does he have the Veep's number? Giving him that number is the worst idea ever. They may as well have asked for him to prank call the VP in the middle of crucial tie-breaker senate votes.

War Machine's rebrand has a very Captain America kind of feel to it, with the star on the chest and the stripes on the stomach.

These folks are in the credits as the "Barrel of Monkeys Skydiving Team."

I really feel for the poor truck driver that thinks he just killed Iron Man. Or War Machine, considering he probably thinks Tony's already dead.

Tony and Rhodey sneaking around this place is just...I think I like their bromance better than Tony and Bruce's.

Rhodey should maybe make Tony run though Basic Training somewheres. If only to improve his aim.

Since JARVIS can run the suits without Tony's help... I'm just starting to wonder what the point of Tony being Iron Man is?

"Like a little turtle? Cooking in his little turtle suit?" Wow. When Killian starts monologuing he turns into a five-year-old.

Go Rhodey!

When I saw Pepper fall, I remember being really, really surprised.

Killian's dragon tattoos are really cheesy. Did he get those at Hot Topic?

Yet again, Tony escapes death by arranging for something to blow up. Temporarily escapes, but still.

How is it that Killian hasn't blown up yet?

Pepper is kind of a deus ex machina here, but I don't care because I'm really glad she's not dead.

"That was really violent!" Hahahaha. Yes, it was.

I get why Tony's blowing up his suits. I even agree with him a little bit. But there's a part of me that's really sad that IGOR got blown up. He was such a cute little Iron Man suit.

It is unutterably sweet that Tony goes back to rescue his robots. I don't know if they're just being honest about the ethical implications of the robots being fully AI (i.e., that they are therefore people and should be treated as such) or if they just thought that'd be a cute tag, but it's just nice.

Poor Bruce. I bet Hulk is regretting saving Tony right about now.

And that's everything for now. I am all caught up to the present in the MCU. It is now 9 days, 17 hours, and 32 minutes until the first showing of Thor 2 in my area. Hooray!
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Some kind of saviour[personal profile] kribban on November 7th, 2013 08:01 pm (UTC)
There is a whole track on the soundtrack titled "Dr. Wu." For a guy that's onscreen for less than five seconds. I don't know enough about Marvel to know who he is, but you don't burn a whole track for a nobody. No way he doesn't come up later on.

Dr Wu and his assistant have an extended subplot in the Chinese version of the film. Hence the soundtrack, I guess.
Kelinci Hutan[personal profile] kelincihutan on November 7th, 2013 09:11 pm (UTC)
Is that it? I'm gonna be really disappointed if that's it.