I just got done with a long fannish discussion on the NaNoWriMo Facebook group about "the perfect man," Tom Hiddleston, fannishness, and whether female preferences on male appearance are physiologically or sociologically based. So I am totally in the mood for fangirling this show.

I love how this woman just walks up to a guy in Hong Kong who has, thus far, spoken only Chinese, addresses him in English and he just understands her. When I was living in Asia, that did not work. (I know it used to be a British colony, I know lots of people speak English, but assuming some random person in China will just know English is a bit...presumptuous.)

That was a slight overreaction.

She's totally evil, isn't she? He's just an innocent mutant(?) and she's about to pounce and make his life miserable.

Having your home almost burn down, by the way, is something you laugh about later because it's really not funny.

"I've never seen anything like it!" Well, neither had he before "a few years ago."

Oh, don't close your eyes, you idiot!

I knew she was evil.

They keep telling us that Ward has no people skills, but what they're showing us is that he's personable and easy-going. I'm thinking Hill's "little poop" on his file was just because she doesn't like his hair.

Coulson "putters around?" I know he died and all, but he's not that old.

Wow. There was a double-entendre-ladden comment. The Coulson/Barton shippers are going to be all mad...

He lived near a nuclear plant that caught fire and now is a pyrokinetic? ...Well, it's a comic book universe. Okay.

Coulson is totally screwing with them with that "The methods vary" non-committal answer there.

Well, you probably were hampering his artistic expression.

This commercial for "SHIELD Declassified" is not making me interested.

"English isn't my first language, but that word means something different than you think!" Oh, nice. I like this guy.

She's tempting him with fame? He doesn't look like he's that anxious to be famous. I could be misreading him, but I don't think he's actually on board here.

I love his reaction to how lame the name "Scorch" is. Because it's really lame.

The music in that scene was fantastic. Bear McCreary has outdone himself.

The Putin-shirtless-on-horseback was probably a hack that Putin wanted to thank him for, since I think it came out the same week as the Obama-shoots-skeet-like-a-bewildered-six-year-old picture.

He got made awfully fast.

SHIELD has black SUVs with the logo on the side? That's a lot more high-profile than I thought they'd go for. It's cool and matte, though.

I knew Skye was helping him!

She doesn't have a lot of time, but she's sparing it for a quickie with this dude? She's...not gaining any cool points back here.

Skye's boyfriend is just as annoying as she is. They're like the anti-adorable couple.

Yay! May and Coulson finally treating Skye like we all want to.

You haven't really been through that much with her, Fitz.

"Prisoners" includes Skye, right? It does! Hooray! (I might maybe be having a bit more schadenfreude than she deserves, but as I'm reasonably sure she'll be free again by the end of the ep, I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.)

Either this guy gets drunk when he goes all Human Torch, megalomania is a side-effect of the serum, or...he's totally faking.

I'm not surprised they have an interview room on the plane. I am surprised that they decorated the walls with a honeycomb.

I totally love that May and Coulson haven't set this thing with Skye up as some giant con to run on Miles.

If Coulson ever sees Loki again, he's totally gonna punch him in the face, won't he?

Title drop!

Ah. Centipede returns! I smell an arc. Nice.

I've seen the actress who plays this doctor somewhere else. Other than this show.

And they figured out how to make Extremis work properly. Nice.

"Drain him?" That sounds bad. I like Chan! Don't hurt him!

Wow. Literally every show they just advertised looks really annoying. Not going to be watching any other ABC shows any time soon.

Ooh, Agent Kwan is back! I think I like him, too.

A throwback explosive. Nice.

NO! Not Kwan! And why did Chan suddenly turn evil? That's just totally random. I'm very confused at this turn of events. I guess megalomania is a side-effect.

SCANDAL is doing a ripped-from-the-headlines ep about Anthony Weiner?!? How freaking lame. And we have yet another show for the Never Watch That list.

Chan being evil is really just weird. This is just...really out of left field.

His file said he was a tool? Hahahaha.

I love their reaction to "Scorch."

Why did Coulson announce he was out of ammo? May can count and Chan doesn't know that.

This doctor chick has really bad luck with her patients. Also, I'm fairly sure the Flower Girl did get some of Chan's platelets. She's totally tying up loose ends here.

Wow. As weird as the CGI was, that was really graphic.

That...did not look like I would've thought it should. Is what's-his-face dead, or did he fake that with his pyrokinesis?

"A slightly bigger one." Nice touch.

They dumped him in Hong Kong? Youch. Coulson really is mad.

...Okay. That was not the secret I was expecting.

That is a really nice jewelry box for the high-tech tracking anklet.

Why do I feel like I've seen this guy somewhere before on this show?

Ah. So she did get some of Chan's platelets. Extremis is working now. Aldrich Killian would be so happy.

The clairvoyant? Ha! I knew that "no telepathy/ESP" conversation was a set-up for a future arc.

How figurative is this "touching" they're talking about? That sounded really skeevy.

That was the first time she had color on her dress. I don't know that that's relevant, but it is a bit interesting. And that was a seriously cool tag.
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